The most advanced features in the market, designed to be easy to use.

Clarity has all the features you need in one platform

Save time and frustration with all of your data in one place

Modern and easy to use interface
Built-in text messaging
Track sales, repairs, custom items, special orders and more
Access From Anywhere
Stay connected to your store from any computer, tablet or mobile device with a web browser.
Workshop & Repairs
Your service department has deadlines and we’re here to help you stay on track. Track parts orders, special orders, tasks and more.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Get a full 360 view of your customer. Know their sales history, birthdays, wishlist items, text history and more.
Text Messaging
Customers love texting, and so do we. Built in text messaging make communicating with your customers so easy.
Website Lead Form
Get more leads from your website with our website lead form plugin
Inventory Management
Track every aspect of your inventory, from style, weight, color, clarity, metal type and more with customizable inventory fields
Gold & Jewelry Buys
Purchase items from your clients and track the outgoing payments
Showcase Locations
Know where each individual piece is in your store with the specific showcase location field.
Diamond Integrations
Easily get the specs and reports for your diamonds with built in GIA and EGLUSA integrations. Pull RAPAPORT prices for quick comparisons
Integrated Payments
Reduce checkout mistakes and missed payments. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry with sleek modern payment terminals.
Take in jewelry on consignment from your customers and have all the details at your fingertips.
Advanced Reporting
Track every aspect of your business with reports tailored for you.
RFID Inventory Tracking
Perform inventory counts with the wave of a wand. Forget the days of tedious case counts and scanning tiny barcodes.
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